A Zombie

The Zombie is the most common Infected in the game. All Zombies appears to have the Zombie Package on. Kill reward is 10$


  • Health: Normal
  • Speed: Normal


  • Scratch (LMB Click)


A unfortunate living soul that were before a Father, a Husband, a Son, a Friend, a Survivor all-friendly. Now they are unstoppable fresh-eating devices that doesn't thinks about anything but eat the Survivors, even when they are getting damaged. The Zombies is a neutral specie of the game, they don't have any special abilities, making them extremely easily to be shot down. But watch out for packs; they might be super weak and easily killed, but they can overwhelm anyone, since they are everywhere as far as the eye can see. One might be behind you and you don't know. One might be waiting you on the next room. You just don't know where and when they will attack you. The more Survivors that is killed, the more Zombies is born. The Zombie is considered the All-Around class for the game.

Disvantages and Advantages


  • Is not a Special Zombie
  • Easy to be Killed
  • No Special Attacks


  • Can form Hordes with other zombies
  • Slightly faster than survivors
  • Still better than the boomer which is a special infected


The Zombie is the most common Infected.
The Zombie is unpurchaseable
The Zombie is just slighty stronger than an ai zombie

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