Only two things are known about Billiam, he crushes things with his sword and doesn't care.


A truly warrior, a good friend who made u laugh. he's also a knight and fight for sunny D and his waifu. we will never forget u.

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SWAGER21. Known very well around the community for his youtube videos. Always in need of pills and someone who will back him up. The enforcer is here


Killing doges 24/7. He sure is handy and is R2D's favorite cat ever


Chosytwo, the one who takes beards too seriously, people say he survived the coldest of the cold, coldest of the cold being hit by a snowball.


He is a typical necromancer who asphyxiates people and sometimes brings them to a black hole. Isn't he a nice little guy? Also sometimes does favors for his friends


This is Zihakre aka Irsinn now this noob is a miniguner with heart <3 he likes to destroy stuffs and people. Irrsinn have a big love for little ducks who explode and sunnyD <3


This user called Hawk2Eye. This courageous leader appears to have no brains but don't be fooled! As the founder of Reason 2 Die Team he strives to help others while also Moderating PlaceRebuilder's game to safety! He kills with skill, yet style with swift Katana strikes. He's also a good friend, and a noob!


This is Zilth! knows as a person who cant stay on a outfit for 5 days. He is also know too as high gernal for the noob army and wielding 2 katanas. These 2 are made out of 100% sunnieD and some raimbowcake but are the sharpest swords in the universe huehuhue.


SherlockDC a man who is strong. A man who has bear claws on his right hand! <-< People are saying he got bit from a radioactive bear and that's why he growed a bear arm on his right side.


xharuka the blow dryer master!


StreetBuilder! The one who looks innocence but inside he's truly a killer!


Neff a truly a cute bunny? isn't he? wrong! he's a evil bunny who want to rule the world <-<


PlaceRebuilder! The guy who stands like a boss! the guy who makes games unbelanced! the guy who everyone loves!!! x3

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