Winter Games...

Name Winter Games Event 2015

19-01-2015 - 01-02-2015

Special Items Goggles, Smoker Head
Badges Smoker Hunter, Scavenger Hunt


The Winter Games Event 2015 is a special event part of ROBLOX that includes another 3 games.

In the event, you will be able to get two badges and two hats in R2D.

Also, the MP5 will be released on this update.

And a new mechanic for beating up zombies: Combat

You can win Exclusive Winter Games Goggles and a Smoker Head.

Trivia: Edit

First ROBLOX event in R2D.

The event doesn't give you anything in-game, instead, you will have to earn two hats / two badges.

The update will also add a new background and music along with it.

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