Welcome to the Weapon's build page. This is where suggestions on builds will appear.

Welcome to Reason 2 keep Dying

Well, there's nothing much to say except, welcome to R2D and expect to die, a lot. As a beginner, you aren't given much. You spawn with some sort of semi-automatic pistol and that is all.(Unless you're in the community. In that situation, you also get a free grenade.) When you first start out, you're pretty weak, and screwed in most situations. It's very easy to work your way from there. Get yourself $200, by any means. Either winning a round, or just kill a few zombies. The get yourself the Revolver(Not specified). The revolver will last you a long time. It is not advised to purchase the M1 Garand, but it's optional. The advantages of the M1 is it's larger clip size, and the amount of ammunition you can carry. An M1 Garand carries a total of 32 rounds while the revolver only carries 18. In terms of damage, and how fast one can reload a weapon, the revolver takes the cake. With the revolver, you should earn decent cash. Now, if you're looking for quick money, that free grenade you have for joining the community,(Or a grenade you purchase or find) will be useful. In close quarters, when zombies are all close to one another, a grenade is good for getting points. Also if you happen to survive long enough to where most of the server's survivors are dead, you'll likely be swarmed when you're killed. This is a perfect opportunity to use a grenade as well. Easy money comes from tanks. It sounds insane, but they are easy to take out on most maps.(With the exception of anti-virus and sewers) The tip to take out most tanks, is to lay down a grenade around a corner or where they are about to be. Most of the time tanks will fall for the "Oh hey, I'm a beginner who is dumb enough to be near a tank." method. In this method, go to the tank, do not let it come to you. Then, if there is a corner nearby, use it to your advantage. Lay down a grenade at the right time, and when the tank turns, it will be sent flying.(Again, does not apply to closed off maps) Just do that for a few times. Tanks spawn often during a round so they aren't that rare. After you win some rounds and kill a few dozen zombies, you should have enough for a decent weapon. From here on, it's your own choice. If you love close range combat, use a shotgun. It's a decent weapon and will get you out of most jams. It also happens to be a tank buster. If you're accuracy and timing is somewhat okay, go for SMGs. An Uzi despite the lack of interest from most players, is a fine weapon. It does 22 dpb.(Damage per bullet) and has a 20 bullet magazine. It also comes with 2 extra magazines. The Thompson is good for spray and pray, but it's not that effective like that. The reload on it sets it back quite a bit, but once you get it down, you should be fine. People who prefer more accurate weapons can find the M16 or Sniper fine weapons of choice. The AK47 is a weapon suitable for most situations. Now, melee weapons. There are a few semi effective melee classes, but not to where one can rely strictly on the melee weapon yet. In the future when more weapons are released, better builds can be made, etc.

Some Recommended Builds


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