General Info

Post your photos of people raging on the R2D group wall or in-game for others to look at and laugh, and also other games (even outside of roblox).

Founding of Page

This page was made by Xerixa and inspired + sponsored by Love and Krieg.

Any vandalism will result in one year ban. If vandalized again, a permanent ban will be placed.

Read pls.

Now, this is coming from Xerixa, and I'm not really updating this anymore. This is totally off-topic and you may now post any rage pictures from any game (even outside of ROBLOX & R2D). Unless R2D is revived, or this becomes active, not coming here, kk. thanks for everybody who put their pictures here, and may a four-leafed clover bring you luck.


RobloxScreenShot02212015 200500-259

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