ToyFactory is one of the older maps to be added before the overhaul of R2D. It was created in 2012, and re-vamped a bit but was re-added for the Christmas event with some changes. It is also the first map to give items mid game but doesn't keep it in the player's inventory. It still retains the floating gift rescue vehicle but it appears to be blue instead of red.


The toy factory is one large building with a courtyard.

Mission Overview

In the toy factory, the survivors spawn in front of the factory. Then survivors must stay alive for 5 minutes until the flying gift rescue vehicle arrives, which is a floating gift. After 1 minute, the unidentified flying gift (UFG) will float away with the survivors inside it.


The Toy Factory is a colorful building with a two wooden doors, there is also a sled in the back, where the presents will fall through, these presents can be clicked, which will reveal items that can be collected. E.G. grenades, molotovs, pipebombs, medkits, pills and candy canes. There are gifts scattered around the map, and some are on the conveyor belt that goes from the control room to the back. Toy Factory is the only maps with it's owns unique music.

Game Modes

1. Survival

2. Snowball Fight


  • Camping on the roof of the Toy Factory is an effective way to avoid zombies, but this also leaves you vulnerable to bats which are really annoying.
  • Presents can usually be found behind the Toy Shop where the sled is.
  • First map to have a unique rescuing vehicle (A flying gift, what?)
  • First christmas map on R2D's history
  • Clicking on presents would make a box appear usually would contain loot (medkits, pills, etc.)
  • Zooming in when clicking on presents will glitch your mouse, thus making it unplayable until you reset or die,if you did it-press o to release mouse.

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