The "The 5 User[s]" tag is a special tag for people who have the most edits on the wikia.

Top 5 Most Edits Users Edit

Standing Name Edits Status Tag Owned
1 YouKnoeMe 10,041 Active. Yes
2 InfiniteBread 7,900+ Active, but no avatar image. Yes
3 Legofries 6,774 Recently unbanned from a 4 day ban. Left this wikia. He is currently at the AR wikia. Yes
4 Batmonz 5,550+ Active. No
5 DerpyPootis 5,240+ Posting on his alt. No

Users that own the tag Edit




Nastylightningboy (Formerly. He changed his name to DerpyPootis.)

Davidwuhh (Inactive)

People who have previously been in the top 5 Edit

-Love and Krieg




Most Edits Record Holder Edit

The user that has most edits in this wikia is Love and Krieg with 12,081 edits. He is a previous moderator, however, he quit R2D and left the wikia. He was also banned for 1000 years. After that, he disabled the account.

Trivia Edit

  • Because of the new tag, users are starting to trashpost to try and get under it. Fortunately EvilCreation has the option to make it so that you DON'T get the tag even if you pass someone.
  • It was created by EvilCreation.
  • As stated above, if you trashpost to get under the club, EvilCreation will remove your tag even if you do pass someone.
  • Most of the people who have the tag are either banned or inactive.
  • Youknoe isn't actually inactive, he uses his alternate account, Welcometolalaland.

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