The Port Edit

The Portbb

This is a R2D map that was created and based on the L4D2 map of the same name where survivors had to refuel a generator to lower a bridge to save themselves from the zombies, but instead Placerebuilder used it as a SRV map.

Game Modes Edit

There are 3 game modes for this map

  1. Survival Survivors must survive for 5 minutes.
  2. Elimination Survivors must kill 100 zombies, not including NPC's.
  3. Capture the Flag Players must capture a flag from the enemy team three times.

Map Layout Edit

The Survivors spawn behind a bridge that cant be reached unless you repeatedly jump onto the top. To the right, they can go inside a blue brick building that has 2 floors. Some believe it was used as a bar. It contain a Supply cupboard on the 2nd floor in a room nearby. There is also a white building which survivors use as a camping location on the roof since there's a place to refill right next to it. Straight ahead from where you spawn, you see a empty grocery store containing no valuable items. To the left there's 4 buildings, 2 red ones, each containing 1 supply cupboard. the closest one has a generator which was going to be used to run the bridge. the other red building has a place to refill on ammo at the top floor. The White building contains 1 supply shelf and a few good spots to camp or hide from zombies. Behind the red buildings is a area to restore ammo and a good place to farm AI zombies when you play on ELI.


The Port was released in the v29 update.

This map includes AI zombies.

The bridge near where survivors spawn, used to be inaccessible and could not be climbed without glitching.

The Port is based on a Left 4 Dead Finale map.

Pictures Edit


The Map and Keys to where mostly everything is and good camping locations

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