The Tank00:38

The Tank

Me Smash
The Tank is one of the Special Infected's. All Tanks appear to be bigger, stronger and larger than the other zombies. He can be purchased for 300$ and the Kill Reward is 100$


  • Health: High
  • Speed: Normal

    A Tank


  • Punch (LMB Click)
  • Rock Throw (F Key)


Tanks. As the name implies, tanks are devastating, big and tough. A tank is a big-shaped grey-ish zombie that can create chaos in it's path and throw pure concrete towards it's victims, which can and will lead to Insta-kill if it hits a survivor. Since to it's big body, the tank's shirt cannot be seen so it's considered "ripped-off" from the body mass, but the Pants can be seen. They are muscled enough to pack a punch that deals loads of damage to the Survivor, and they are unstoppable if they are in a massive group of 3 or more. They are also a damage sponge, but all tanks are scared of one thing: The Minigun. The tank is considered the Devastator class of the game.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Music announces tank's arrival
  • Distorted rock throw
  • Weak against shotguns and miniguns
  • Much easier to get hit by bullet spread
  • Can be killed by survivors due to similar walkspeed


  • Destroys doors, windows and barricades in one hit
  • Extremely high health
  • Insta-kill rocks if not then it trips your target
  • Cannot be knocked down by melee

Footage of a Huntertank

R2D HunterTank00:08

R2D HunterTank.o


The Tank seems to have resized hats and can be dropped for survivors to wear or other zombies
The Tank is forced to have a Angry Face to show how much they hate survivors
The Tank sometimes do not have properly colored arms
The Tank is considered overpowered by some Survivors until they get their hands on the chainsaw or minigun
The Tank is commonly blown off the map by a grenade on maps that are open on the edge
The Tank can be given free to players commonly leaving the community to accuse of tank buyers anytime a tank shows up
The Tank is the most rage-inducing zombie within the game
There's a rare glitch that creates a blend between hunter and tank. Incredibly deadly combination. "
The Tank's concrete is insta-kill upon contact when it is a single block until it splits into 4 pieces where it will induce a very annoying trip effect.

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