Hi,chillboyb21 here. I have a youtube channel but I doubt that place would watch it so I decided to write an article'

this page is a candidate for deletion. reason: not notable. Less than 100M place visits.

This list will exclude anything other youtubers already thought of.


This may not sound very useful but when you think about it, it can help you get into hard to reach places so what I mean is, you have a chance against the insta-kill tank rocks that it throws. It will also be a big advantage in FFA!

Picking up other weapons

Now when someone dies, instead of only dropping med kits and pills, they also drop thair weapon. What this will do is not get yourself killed trying to get ammo, this is if you are not the first dead! You basically swap out the weapon with the one you have!

Vitality bar

This may sound bad but it will truly balance out the game. Vitality is the status of not how much health you have but how healthy you are. This makes the game more realistic and this way really skilled players will have a harder time surviving. This makes the game more enjoyable to the players that are already dead. How this will work is, players will start out with 100% vitality. The more you are touching a zombie or AI zombie, the lower it decreases. Once it hits 0%, you start losing health and speed! The speed of the decreasing of vitality will depend on rank. The lower the rank, the slower the decrease. Ill explain the cure in the next suggestion! So if this is added, higher ranked players with skills won't be alive for long no more!


Vaccines will bring your vitality back up when you need to. You can either buy them or you can find them in maps! But they will only increase it by 20!


Famas F1 should really be removed, its clip size and the amount of mags in it cancel out the fact that the realoading speed is 4 seconds. Its either lower the damage or firing speed.

Barricades- These would be a great addition to the game. When you are one of the last few people and you need to buy some time, build a barricade. It can be destroyed so this means turrets should not be able to be built on entrances because turrets fight back and it makes it unfair for zombies if they can't break a barricade that fights back!


R2DA looks great and Place may be one of the best programmers out there! I hope you take these into consideration! GOOD LUCK!

oh and please tell us if you need a new mod because I feel I have been pretty loyal to the game!

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