The image for Subway in the voting menu and map loading screen.

Subway is a OBJ map that takes place in a withered, heavily-damaged subway station that is infested with zombies. It was created by coolman65 and EvilCreation and based on the subway staion the survivors traverse in L4D.


This map is set, as one might expect, in a subway station. From the decals and images scattered about, it appears to have been a station that was designated as a rally point for picking up survivors. It can also be assumed from the graffiti and other decals, that an earlier group of Survivors had made it to the station before, but had been left to die.

Game Modes

Currently, there is only Objective.


As there is only the Objective game mode, this walkthrough focuses exclusively on the tasks that must be done in order to succeed in the round.

1. First, you spawn in a room with a radio, ammo table, with what appears to be a storage room connected to it. Below this spawn room is a floor with many pillars. Zombies can spawn here in large numbers at the beginning of the round, and on hard to extreme difficulties, one must be careful not to lose too much health.

2. Then, the players must go down a flight of stairs and find a power switch which is located beside the tracks. To turn on the switch, a player must smash or shoot the glass cover and touch the power switch's handle. Without a Rambo Knife, repeatedly jumping, combined with timing and luck, can be very helpful for activating the power switch.

3. Then, use the radio located at the spawn room to make a call to reactivate the subway system, and survive for 5 minutes. Usually, there is someone else already waiting at the spawn room to do this, so making the trip yourself is generally not necessary. Once the 5 minutes have passed, you have 1 minute to get into a large train. Unlike other escape vehicles, it is necessary to click on the seats to sit.

4. Do not camp when the zombie count goes above five, Keep moving and constantly relocate. Wrenches are good for placing a turret and running while they cover you. The turret might distract the zombies long enough to enable you to reload or heal yourself, and once you have run a lap back to the turret, the wrench will allow you to repair and reload the turret.


However, the power switch can be hard to turn on, and it may take several tries before success. Throwing a Rambo Knife can be a useful shortcut, but it doesn't always work immediately.

The train will often fling off survivors who are on it, even if they are properly seated.

It is generally found on hard or extreme difficulty. However, this depends on the amount of people in the server.

There is one meme in a small vent, and more in the ticket booths.

Do not stand on the tracks when the train is arriving, the train can kill you if it hits you.

Spawn camping is safe when there are less than six zombies, any higher and you will likely be overrun.

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