A soul fetcher, carrying its victim away.

Soul Fetcher
The Soul Fetcher is an AI mob spawned ONLY by Lord Pumpkin. It sneaks up on victims and drags them away, usually into the lava.



  • Drag survivors


The soul fetcher has the prime goal to drag you into the lava. Its advantage of apparating through walls gives it the ability to do just that.

Disvantages and Advantages


  • Usually hunt in packs, making it hard to avoid
  • Doesn't collide with matter, can pop out of any wall at any time


  • Easy to kill
  • Moves randomly in random directions
  • Cannot Phase through Matter if holding a survivor


The Soul Fetcher was added in v36
The Soul Fetcher is basically a flying version of a L4D2 Jockey
Since Soul Fetchers have their health in Breakable, they are not damaged by items that do not break doors (flamethrower, knife etc)
When you are grabbed you get the scream face and a special animation seen on the picure
The Soul Fetcher will float to a target and then fly in random directions thus pray for that it will not drop you into the lava
The Soul Fetcher is a special mob and has advantages and disvantages just as everything else in life

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