The snowball is a projectile made of snow, it's sole purpose is to maim other survivors.
Type of Item Weapon
Price Snow

"Taste my frozen fury!" -Squidward


The snowball is an item used during the special game mode for the snowball fight. You are able to hold a maximum of four snowballs. Snowballs can be made as long as there is snow in an area where you are standing.


A frozen projectile made of 60% snow, 40% slush, and 100% pain. Soaring through the air with the ability to blind those struck down by the snowball. These bolts of white fly through the air, annihilating all who stand in their path.


You can run with the snowball equiped.
You can hurt zombies with the snowball.
You can pick up snowballs by pressing "e" provide you are standing in snow.

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