A Smoker

The Smoker is one of the Special Infected. All Smokers appears to have a Unique Head. He can be purchased for 65$ and the kill reward is 30$


  • Health: 100 HP + Vests (50% chanse)
  • Speed: 21 Studs/s


  • Tongue Grab (LMB Click)
  • Scratch (Humanoid Touch)


Smokers, with beautiful teeths, are cigarette-eaters. Okay, that's a lie, but they can grab someone with their mutated tongue from a far distance, unarming the victim and leading him slowy towards the Smoker. A Smoker can be extremelly dangerous if the Survivor is alone, which means if he gets you, and no one is around to kill the Smoker for you (unless you have Rambo Knife), and you're bound to die. They do extremelly low damage every split second to the survivor they are grabbing, but for surprise, they deal double the same damage as a common Zombie does when they touch Surviors. Fast yet Weak, the Smoker is a dangerous specie for lone Survivors. The Smoker is considered the Disarmer class on the game!

Disvantages and Advantages


  • ​Can't move during Grab
  • Grab consumes all Energy
  • Tongue can be Broken


  • Long Range Grabs
  • Disarms Victim


The Smoker tongue seems to be broken when colliding with anything
The Smoker moves extremely slow while grabbing a Survivor.
The Smoker cannot stop a survivor from shooting an automatic weapon if they are grabbed while still shooting
The Smoker releases a green smoke when killed.
The Smoker tongue can be cut off with Rambo Knife
The Smoker was widely used and rage-inducing until the introduction of the Rambo Knife.
Rare type of Smoker

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