Sewers is an SRV map in R2D, where Survivors have to stay alive for a set period of time.


Some say they are the sewers beneath the map, New Bloxcoast.


The Sewers is a map that consists of two sections, Sectors 1 and 2, which are connected by several pathways. Between the two sectors are two hallways, a lower and a higher hallway. The lower section can be directly accessed by a door gate that cannot be broken, or by hallways connecting the two sections to the main hallway. The zombie spawns are often heavily camped by Survivors.


Unlike most other maps, only 3 items spawn in this map. 1 on the Sector 2 bridge, 1 right next to an ammo table near Sector 2, and 1 hidden in the back of the map. As a survivor, you must be careful anywhere around the map, killing any zombies you see. Often times survivors will spawn kill, seeing as the place is in tight quarters. One cheap and fun way to counter this is to spam Boomers, so that when they try spawn killing they will be blasted and lose 20 Hp everytime. Cheap and effective.


  • Avoid wandering the halls alone as a Survivor, because a special infected that catches you could spell doom!
  • A way to survive is to camp at the ammo tables around the map, making the long duration of reloading your weapon a breeze. You may use the ammo tables as barricades.
  • Be careful with your own explosives you set, you might get caught in the explosion.
  • Refill ammunition whenever possible!
  • As a zombie, you can use tight corners to your advantage by ambushing survivors.


RobloxScreenShot11222014 032336279

The hallway, located between the two "Sectors". An ammo table is located here.


The picture shown in the loading screen and the voting menu.

RobloxScreenShot11222014 032256988

One of the two four zombie spawns.

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