An ancient and versatile sword capable of cutting through even the most stubborn of zombies. Senpai will be proud of you!
Type of Weapon Secondary Melee
Price 25,000$
Damage 30 (per tick)
Rank requirement 12

"Senpai will be very proud to see you fighting the apocalypse in style. This energy based weapon is so OP it was rank-locked." - Ingame Text

Background Information

Historically, the katana (刀?) is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (日本刀 nihontō?) that was used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Modern versions of the katana are sometimes made using non-traditional materials and methods. The katana is characterized by its distinctive appearance: a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or square guard and a long grip to accommodate two hands. The sword was usually carried together with wakizashi (basically a short katana sword) or tantō (even shorter, more like a knife).

Combat Quality And Strategy

The Katana is a powerful weapon, arguably on the level of the Chainsaw and the classic Rambo Knife. The Katana can be swung at an incredibly high rate and damages Smoker tongues on contact. One of the animations spins the sword around, damaging all near the Survivor. The Katana does, however, use a low amount of energy for each swing. If paired with the Straw Hat and an effective primary it is a very formidable weapon indeed.


You can run with this weapon while it is out, just like with the Rambo Knife.

The mesh is based off of ROBLOX's "Katana" gear.

If un-equipped, it will rest on your back, adding a nice visual effect to the weapon.

The Katana cannot break things like doors, and glass.

The Katana has a very fast rate of attack (taking approximately 0.5 seconds per attack), capable of dealing serious damage.

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