Types of Rescue Vehicles Edit

-Bus (Blackfield Station)

-Green helicopter (Oilrig, New Bloxcoast, BuriedAlive)

-Red helicopter (Platypus, NoMercy)

-Subway (Subway Station)

-Old Train (Outskirts)

-Green boat (Dead Vacation, maybe Boat House)

-Amphibious Vehicle (CavedIn)

-Private Jet (CampfireChaos)

-Giant Present (ToyFactory)

-Rocket (Holdout, possible to come to R2D)

Trivia: Edit

-The green boat from Dead Vacation will sometimes glitch onto winners area. Edit

-The present from Toy Factory can be pushed off the map by cavebats. Edit

-The red helicopter from Platypus can be shot down or blown up alot, making being rescued a small chance. Edit

Whatever This Is: Edit

Ah Vehicles, such memories. The place where survivors once thought was a safehaven at the end of a match but turns out to be a cage for them as hunters grab them from the sides, firebreathers burn those without vests, and the concrete tank ownage that ensues when one enters. On the other hand, however, the survivors camp within with pesky chainsaws, katanas and flamethrowers turning it into something zombies would rather avoid but have no choice but to attempt entering. Once the vehicle leaves the survivors will most likely survive the take off but if they lack a proper placing like a seat then they will most likely phase thought the vehicle resulting in getting mauled by zombies left behind.

Newer maps lack such a feature of glorious ways to end a match. Most maps are now either ELI or SRV. What a sad demise.

Vehicle's [Fanart Drawing]Edit


The plane same from both oilrig and Newbloxcoast


Bus from Blackfield station


Present from Toyfactory


Rocket from Holdout and same goes with PrivateJet

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