Part 1 Edit

Our adventure, it all started one day in NewsBloxcoast. We we heading towards the bridge, our last hope of survival. But when we got the suicl m,y dick Edit

mation crossing Shrek and Sesame Street. The was m-me-memed. Our last hope. Was...gone. But then one of the survivors suggested we go up to the tallest meme and meme there for a while, till the military plowed through. It seemed like a good idea but who knew what we could encounter while climbing a 10 story meme? I opposed the idea but everyone else seemed to like it so it was final. We were heading towards the meme. And that, my friend. Is how our memes began. Edit

We got to the top of the meme, no problem. But we did encounter a couple of dead memers. When we got to the top, nothing really happened. We just memed there for a while. Pretty boring for the most part. Except for when the walking meme started coming up. But when they did, we would just shot them down.

Then out of nowhere I heard a sound. It sounded it was...A HELICOPTER!!! We eagerly boarded the heli and set off for a better place. The pilot said there were too many zombies too handle, so the government is getting as many survivors as possible.

We flew day and night without stop. We had to stop every once in a while to stock up on supplies but nothing big happened. Until the heli crashed.

Part 2

I remember when this all started, what the fuck was that? The days have gone by and I cant find them anymore! I cant believe where this world has gone, oh yeah, to Mexico it was.. Down the gutter, nobody's alive anymore, we all just stumble through this thing we call shit.

I'm getting there, want my backstory? Ill give it.

You probably think that I was some badass army guy, or a scientist with no cause that created this all. You guessed wrong. I was a boring store clerk for the Z-Mart, checking out items for a boring average minimum wage job.

And that's when the infection hit. People were eating each other savagely, they were calling it the green flu, cannibalism is how they marketed it. Cannibalism? Bullshit. They could'nt even get people out of OldBloxCoast. It was all ruined, my life, job, family, it all disappeared with the slip of my finger. I couldnt take it. I grabed what was left of my possessions and went out on my own. I wanted to find the new world, not hide till it was created, and that's were im left now, with a head cavity that will most likely kill me, and a heli that is burning down in front of my eyes.

Part 3: The Savior by Uranium52


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