Yes, R2D is mobile compatible.


  • Aimbot
  • Noobs get free "action" button to throw their rocks as tank.
  • Can jump back up when stunned (or tripped)
  • Easy to shoot when moving
  • Still available to use Chinalake and shoot RPG rockets (from RPG)
  • Easy money
  • Easy EXP
  • Not that hard to Rambo jump
  • Other stuff...
  • Easy to use hunter.
  • Can shoot Hunter when pinned (just jump and then hold fire button)
  • Can shoot smoker by jumping back up and shooting the smoker


  • Cannot use aimbot in FFA
  • Snowballs in SBF can glitch out
  • Cannot buy van or pills (live store)
  • Cannot use some items
  • No zombie live store
  • No punch or kick buttons
  • Lots of lag if sound option is left on
  • Aimbot does not work on BOSS
  • Impossible to weapon hop
  • Cannot use smoker easily.
  • You have to go in 1st person to shoot AIs
  • Cannot use some items


  • Through Late 2014 - Early 2015, mobile players were complaining that they were stuck up in the sky.
  • Before the "RUN" button was added, there was no run button. (September - December)
  • When SWAGER was playing with Place, he told him that phone gameplay really sucked but got astonished when place said "I gave them aimbot."
  • Holdout is very laggy and can crash your game.

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