eally like the flamethrower back, it was really good for hordes.


First off, I know it is way too early for speaking about R2DA on how will it look like, what weapons, etc, but we at least need one page that is on topic. You know, the whole reason why this wikia was made in the first place.

WRONG!! This wikia was made to talk about R2D, which nobody does anymore as the game is taken down.


Secondly, please try to be realistic about it. Don't suggest stupid ideas like a vest with infinite health or making Tanks cost 10,000$. Seriously, check the R2D community on Roblox and you will find some of the worst ideas ever. Not trying to offend the community but it is worth mentioning.

Who in the heck would make an infinite health vest, or either make a zombie cost 10,000$? My sir, you're not making any sence. R2DA isn't going to do that.

If this page ends up being taken down, I completely understand.

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