R2D: Awakening is an update to the beloved R2D series that will be coming later to the community, but based on THEIR choice. The update however will be a separate game, the purpose of this update is to upgrade R2D to new standards and incorporate all the new and important features added to roblox throughout the last year.

The game contains a anti-hack script (Filtering System) that will eliminate majority of hacks.

There will not be ANY loss of data in R2DA.

The game will be based on a "realism mode." This means new "real life guns (i.e famas and mp5)," in 3rd person and 1st person with excellent FPS, pointing where you are looking at and auto rotating the character cam, a fire burst effect with fire coming out of the gun. Might be physics-based. Attachments will definitely be added as with realistic gun sounds and reloading animations.

There will be NEW zombies and mobs, more deadly and BIGGER (has Charged Tank awaken?). More maps with a new standard of quality not seen in R2D before.

R2DA will NOT have ANY of the stats from previous R2D Games. There might be an initial bonus for supporter pass. Reason being that it's a whole new game, not just a quick fixup of the current R2D.

He WILL make a LIVE stream on Twitch TV, where he will ask the community and you guys for suggestions, this new game, will be entirely based on what the majority wants.



Date Edit

Middle-Late 2016

Discussions Edit

Due to the sudden announcement of R2DA, many users have been coming up with great and not so great ideas for the new game. There have been many new threads and pages about new ideas for the game.

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