A lot of people have been questioning R2D:A's development and throwing stats around in threads and ideas as if R2D:A will be that way. I felt as if I needed to inform you, the readers about R2D:A's mechanics that Place has told me so far. None of it is set in stone, it is just a general idea. Note that I do not bicker him on skype and ask him all these questions randombly.

Q: Can I have my stats?

A: No you may not.

Q: Will the map selection be the same? (Ex: Spamming of Campfire Chaos and FFA and nothing else)

A: No. Place will revamp that system to balance it, he wants to keep the democracy in map selection.

Q: Can I use a suppressor without Subsonic Munitions?

A: Yes, but it will be half as effective at masking your position, but it won't reduce damage.

Q: Will the ambiance of the maps be determined by mapmakers?

A: Yes, I think place may have meant something else when I asked him if players would choose different models for the zombies on their map. Ghosts will be decided by the mapmaker. (Ex: a Tank can look like the one now, or a custom modeled one that looks terrifying) Lighting and clothing will vary map to map.

Q: Will we be locked into first person?

A: No, it is up to the player to decide that. First person in roblox is poor, aiming isn't at all smooth and we in real life have 270 degrees of vision. Feels unnatural.

Q: Will teamwork be rewarded"

A: Yes.

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