Portland is an R2D map that takes place in an abandoned town

Mission Overview Edit

In Protect the King mode, players need to prevent a randomly chosen king from dying. The king has to be alive until five minutes are up, if the king dies, all other survivors die. A good strategy is to surround the king because all zombies will be aiming for him.

In Survival mode, players need to survive for five minutes, so it's identical to protect mode, but without the king. Camping is an option since there are many open buildings in the map

In Elimination mode, players need to kill 100 zombies to win, the middle of the street is a good place to camp because of the proximity to the ammo crate and because zombies spawn in that general area

Game Modes Edit

  1. Protect the King
  2. Survival
  3. Elimination
  4. Snowball Fight (Christmas Only)
  5. Capture The Flag

Location Edit

There are many buildings in Portland, some buildings are destroyed, and others have interiors. The map also features a bridge where zombies will spawn, above the zone where survivors spawn. Some survivors use rambo knife to get ontop of the bridge and on to the tallest building's roof.

Trivia Edit

  • Some areas of the map like the bridge or roofs can only be accessed by knife jumping
  • This map has the most game modes
  • Some players dislike PTK because the king is usually a new player and don't survive long.
  • This is the only map with PTK mode.
  • In the old R2D, there was a glitch where the king can exit the server and it would be a endless round because there was no king to kill, that was later patched in 2 updates.

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