Platypus Available
Name: Platypus
Made By: Arathos
Game Modes: Survival
Sequal To: N/A
Added In: Unknown

Platypus is a cargo ship that is in the middle of the sea. There is only one game mode for this map, which is survival mode. Players must survive for 5 minutes before being evacuated by a helicopter that waits for one minute. Since this map only has one game mode, the map is not extremely popular and can also prove difficult for zombies. Especially tanks that can easily be pushed off the deck into the water by explosions.


Survivors spawn at the bow of the ship and usually make their way towards the bridge. The bridge is part of a main building that survivors usually hold out in and is also the only way to access the hull. The hull, located under the main deck, is full of movable boxes and is good place for survivors to camp. The only way to access the hull is through the stern.


In the hull of the ship, players can move boxes to create makeshift forts and structures. Along with planks and turrets, survivors can hold out for a long period of time in the hull. There is also a metal wire that runs along two masts that players can walk along, providing quick access between the main building and bow.

Game Modes

  1. Survival

In this mode, players must survive for a total of 5 minutes. Once the time limit is reached, a helicopter will make its way to land at the helicopter pad above the bridge. The helicopter will wait for one minute before taking off. There is a 50% chance of the heli exploding, and despite what people believe, shooting it does nothing. If it does explode, it results in a failed objective and survivors try to hold out for as long as they can with no chance of winning.


  • Try to bring the Chinalake, as it's good for flinging tanks and getting easy cash.


The helicopter has a 50% chance to explode.

Survivors can move boxes in the hull and reinforce them with planks and turrets to create forts that are hard for zombies to defeat.

Boomer explosions on the main deck reach into the hull.

The ship named "Platypus" is based of the ship of the same name in GTA IV.

This is also remade as the "M.S Antares" in the Reason 2 Die Awakening.