Pewpew x1 Display
Pew Pew x1
Pew Pew
The Pew Pew is a weapon from the green gift from Christmas Eve (December 24th, 2014)
Type of Weapon Secondary Firearm
Price Expired
Damage 30 HP
Reload Time 2 seconds
Ammo / Round 12/1 magazine (24 shots Total)

Background Info

The laser pistol was a prototype energy weapon designed for cosmonauts. The weapon is magazine fed and uses pyrotechnic flashbulb technology to project its beam. The Pew Pew was just one of the several prototypes made, and one example was a laser revolver(it was broken when one of the engineers dropped it). The weapons were meant to disable optical sensors on enemy spacecraft, but proved themselves to be far more powerful, strong enough to damage flesh and be potentially lethal.

Weapon Quality And Tactics

The Pew Pew is, first and foremost, a free weapon. The Pew Pew is not a powerful secondary. It is essentially a slightly-better Revolver with a decent rate of fire(for a pistol), although it is much better than the starting Pistol. It will take four shots with the Pew Pew to kill a 100 HP, unprotected Zombie, instead of the five it'd take with a Pistol. The Pew Pew is also more forgiving of misses, because of the large magazine compared to the other pistols. In this aspect the Pew Pew is better than the Revolver, being able to kill 3 normal Zombies with a full magazine's unloading. Each miss is equivalent to a loss of 30 HP potential damage, instead of a loss of 35 HP(Revolver) or 50 HP(Colt). However, the Colt can kill Zombies faster, taking two shots without misses for an unarmored, normal Zombie instead of four. But of course, the Colt costs $5,000 when the Pew Pew costs nothing, so it is logical that the Colt is better.


Even though the weapon shoots lasers, it can be refilled at an ammo table just like a normal gun.

The Pew Pew's "x1" could mean there's going to be more than just one laser weapon coming to R2D.

The Pew Pew reload animation is the character pressing three buttons on the back of it.

The Pew Pew is no longer obtainable, unless you haven't opened your green gift yet.

The Pew Pew destroys glass panels with one shot.

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