Name Outskirts
Made by StreetBuilder
Game Modes Elimination(ELI), Survival(SRV)
Sequel to Unknown
Added in v39 (24-10-2014)


The Outskirts map is located between the city of New Bloxcoast and the Blackfield station; this theory is proven by a sign on a truss on the opposite side of the survivors' spawn, on the bridge which says,"Train Station Parking Next Left" and,"Blackfield 9 Miles". Another piece of evidence is that there are some skyscrapers positioned behind the mountains that can be reached as a Cavebat.

One theory is that the players are looking for a cure and so are traveling through the game, but none of this is confirmed.

Game Modes

This map has two game modes: Elimination, or ELI, and Survival, or SRV. It is only in SRV that the train rescue arrives.


1. The Survivors find themselves spawning in the parking lot of a small building called Eric's Groceries. This parking lot is adjacent to an asphalt road coming from a tunnel. The road continues into a destroyed bridge hanging over water.

2. Most people, however, choose to go between the grocery store and over the train tracks to a cell tower which has a supply box. The usual next step of these players is to cross the train bridge and stand around the train station, a large orange building neighboring the train tracks. The train station is where the SRV train stops at. Behind this building is a solar power station, while in front of the train station is a grey building with an ammo table in it.

3. If you enter the hallway in the orange building from the front, you have a door on each side. The left door leads to the second floor of the train station, and you can go out of the windows and jump onto the roof of the station. You can also barricade the upper floors with a Hammer. This is a relatively safe spot, as Tanks and Crawlers can have a hard time getting up without help. However, Bats will have a very clear shot of you, and Smokers can pull you down from the roof if you aren't careful.

4. If you are desperate, you can hide in one of the tunnels, but it's not very effective. It is easy for zombie players to simply buy a Radar Tag in the Live Store.

5. In SRV, if you have survived long enough, an old steam train comes in on the tracks with a coal car and two boxcars trailing after it. There are two seats in the locomotive, one on top of the coal car, and six in each boxcar.

Mapa 2.0

Map of Outskirts.


Often, the SRV rescue train kills many of its passengers, regardless of whether they are zombies or humans. However, money will still be received by the survivors.

The map is located between both Blackfield and New Bloxcoast.

Being hit by the train will kill you.

Eric's groceries could be a reference to you know who.

Sometimes the train may glitch, spawnning then despawnning.

(Developer Answer: Eric's groceries is a reference to my Best Friend who worked with me on Amnesia Custom Stories.)

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