Open Fields (not a map anymore but slight chance it will be re-added.)

Open Fields is the Easter Event map where players race on Bunnies to earn Money and Special "Bunny Points".
Name Open Fields
Difficulty Unknown
Added in v57 4-6-2015


Throughout the map, there are little item boxes, just like in Mario Kart, you will have a chance of getting one of these 3 items;

Speed Shoe - Increases your speed for a short amount of time, useful for getting around people!

Egg - Hurl this egg at your opponent to blind them and stop them long enough to pass them!

Lightning - Lightning strikes everyone on the map, stopping them for a short amount of time, useful against crowds.

Bunny PointsEdit

Depending on the place you get depends on the BP you get.

1st Place = 3 Points

2nd Place = 2 Points

3rd Place = 1 Point

4th and Below = None

If collect 20 or more Bunny Points are collected, you can earn the Bunny Mount without having to spend 750 Robux.

Tips Edit

- Make sure to avoid pressing the space bar on this map, because it will make you reset, and players might trick others into pressing it, so try to ignore them!

- People that already have the Bunny might try and troll on the map by camping an item box and attacking players.


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