Oilrig is a map in R2D. Released in v40 and modified in v42 (Christmas version, new game modes for it), it can be one of the hardest maps due to no solid objects below the oil rig.


Location Edit

The map takes place on a deserted oilrig. Surprisingly, the oilrig is still functional as a giant flame can be seen at the highest point of the map.

Objective  Edit

You and the other survivors will spawn on the same boat from Dead Vacation. Survivors will have 1 minute to escape, enter the rig and fend off zombie attacks for 5 minutes.

Tips Edit

  • Avoid climbing ladders in a large group!
  • Do not attempt to stay in the sinking boat, cause it will later disappear and you will fall into the water.
  • You can buy pills in FFA mode at the live store.
  • Be sure to always look up when your about to climb up at spawn, as zombies may push you into the water.

Go to closed spaces so you don't get knocked off the water

Don't camp

Modes Edit

ELI - Elimination mode, survivors must fend off 100 player-controlled zombies.

SRV - Main mode added for this map, it is basically waiting 5 minutes, then getting onto a helicopter. Can be hard if everyone gets killed.

FFA- Free for all, survivors duel until one remains, who becomes the winner. If there are 2 survivors or more at the end of the round, no one will be victorious.

MMA- Free for all with a twist. Survivors must kill each other with fists instead of weapons. Medic packs, live store, and the 'cake' command is disabled. MMA stands for Mixed martial arts, which is ironic because you can only kick and punch.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a sequel to Dead Vacation.
  • There were no marks of any use of workers in any part of the Oilrig except some cargo tanks.
  • The map Oilrig is one of which a lot of loading can occur causing a terrible amount of lag, this also includes many FFA deaths.
  • The map is the only map to feature all the unique game modes to date.
  • This map has been classified as a 'event map' or a 'special map' due to its unique game modes so that it can only be played every 3 rounds.
  • The first map to have FFA and MMA.
  • Without an intact spawn point, Stalkers can be widely used.
  • Some says the boat can be flinged.

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