Map Info

RobloxScreenShot10302014 061430133

bird's eye view of map

New Blox Coast was a remade map from old R2D. It is a SRV map, and the objective is to survive long enough to get on an escape helicopter.

It takes place in a city where there are many buildings, and a gas station which holds an easter egg and a supply box. The main building has an elevator and 8 floors, with the top one having a helipad which your rescue will arrive at.


As soon as you spawn, the SRV timer starts ticking down from 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up, the heli arrives and has a waiting time of 2 minutes before it flies off. Which takes 7 minutes in total.

The main building the heli arrives at is the tallest one in the city, and is north of where you spawn. Taking the elevator sometimes results in it glitching, so try to take the stairs.

This map holds 4 supply boxes, (technically there are 5, but the fourth one is an old medikit box that doesn't spawn anything and is most likely an easter egg or it was left there when place updated the map), and 4 ammo boxes.

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