Mr Frost
Mr Frost

Mr. Frost is the guardian of the North Pole. He is the last line of defense before the survivors are able to breach the walls of the city. He stands guard over the main gate, ready to crush anyone who dares enter the city.


Mr. Frost is the gatekeeper of the North Pole. He was built ages ago in order to defend the city from any intruders. He has stood guard for a long time, crushing anyone who dares to enter the forbidden city. He wields his mighty hammer, a relic from times long ago made of the best items available. It is the only one that is like it and forged to a degree of paragon that challenges anything we have today. With each blow of his hammer, he is able to generate towers of spikes to impale his foes if they are not shoved off into oblivion. He is also able to call down a freezing rain, freezing all of those who oppose them in their tracks only for them to be dragged into the all devouring tornadoes.


  • 50,000 HP
  • High explosion resistance
  • Immune to molotovs


  • Ice Tornado: Light blue tornadoes spawn on the map with the ability to drag players to their doom.
  • Freezing Rain: Ice falls from the sky and freezes the players.
  • Hammer Slam: Ice spikes form around the hammer as it is smashed into the ground. Able to fling players back and the spikes deal damage.



Third boss to be added to R2D

He attacks in random directions and the same goes for his abilities so this is the battle is mostly based on luck

Takes 200 dmg per "bullet" from the flamethrower
Despite taking massive dmg from the flamethrower(firebased weapon). Mr Frost is resistant to Molotovs

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