put up the name of a weapon and your roblox name next to it. For example: Fire-axe- 69juliuscoles69

List of suggested melees:    

Gun Bash (When a gun runs out of ammo, you can hit zombies with it) - Volttexx    

Onion - Shrek    

Zombie's ripped arm - SlendySmile    

simple sword -Unknown776    

short sword - marioevans

long sword - marioevans

great sword - marioevans

Holy Sword - marioevans

Cricket Bat - PokemonNikolas    

Boxing gloves-autopilotmode    



Batorang - XBloodyTomX (short distance 360 weapon?)  

The Infinity Gauntlet - Alectfenrir123 Just appeared in my head :)  

Sickle - RexOrigin (Only one.)  

Scythe - RexOrigin (Either one HUGE one or two smaller ones.)  

Brass Knuckles - RexOrigin (Maybe work in MMA?)  

Hatchet - RexOrigin  

Shovel - SlendySmile 

Karambit Knife - chickendude141

Sledgehammer - UlteriorCurve

Baton - UlteriorCurve

Stun Baton - UlteriorCurve

Sabre - Ulteriorcurve

Hammer - UMadBroV2

Zombie wrecker - UMadBroV2

Tomahawk- LandOfCanada


Krovel - ToastyBoss

Sledgehammer Shotgun - ToastyBoss

Machete - Questriolu

Broken Bottle - Carlox7

Wooden bat with nails - scottybobo

Riot Shield with baton-AlexWillson

Frying pan-AlexWillson

Spear- LuigiTheMurderer

Butterfly Knife - Paint Bucket

Mace -Paint Bucket

Kunai Knife - Dark MC Kairo

Rubber Mallet - SpottedDuv

Dual-Ended Naginata - SpottedDuv

Morning Star - Peake900

Greatsword - Peake900

Ice sickle - Bluepizzaboy

Super Boots - Beta Meta Knight

He-Man's Sword - axeljon10

Boogie Board - axeljohn10

Buttersock - EpicKnightbuilderman

Claymore - Rokrio

Javelin - Rokrio

Bayonet - Rokrio

Broken Bottles, found around map, stuns and dmg 10 ~ Nastylightningboy

The Belt aka The Spanker ~ Nastylightningboy

TheStupidIdea - pokekid2011

Chakram - Rokrio

Tekko - Rokrio

Long Metal Pipe - Sevchaenkov

Bathysphere - TehGabeNewell

A Shard Of Glass - TehGabeNewell

Electric Upgrade [Attachment for some melees] [Allows you to add electricity to your melee, creating more damage and stun time.] - TehGabeNewell

Titanium Mace -Kestergiant8

Frozen fish (Gross,But slows down the zombies) -Kestergiant8

Fire Extinguisher - The Paint Bucket

Metal Foldable Chair - The Paint Bucket

Dirk - Rokrio

Trench Knife - Rokrio

Nails - Nastylightningboy

Merle Dixon's blade hand (TWD) - Voiceful

ballistic knife (COD) - Voiceful

Photon blade- Tanker21(tekitmaster)

poisonous knife - Tanker21(tekitmaster) (edited by Bluepizzaboy)

hunter claws- Tanker21(tekitmaster)

sizzling frying pan -Tanker21(tekitmaster)

Nightstick - Questriolu

Hidden blade-Voiceful



Boot spikes-Thelegofan204

Double Katanas (Does Double The Damage, Like The Chainsaw) - ItsMeJackNinjaKing

Wuuthrad-(Skyrim)-Voiceful Edit

Naginata - Dark MC Kairo

Flail - Bluesky051

Piano Keyboard - The Paint Bucket

A extremely thick roll of newspapers - The Paint Bucket

A large metal paint bucket (Custom colour available) - The Paint Bucket

Metal Truss - The Paint Bucket

Dictionary (Throwable) - The Paint Bucket

Brick (Throwable) - The Paint Bucket

Garden Scissors (Throwable) - The Paint Bucket

Pizza cutter - UMadBroV2

Hidden Blade - Bluepizzaboy

Tec 9 - Reacon8

RSASS - Reacon8

Parasol - Reacon8

Warpick - Reacon8

Terra blade - Epikstickman46

Ruler - Epikstickman46

Broom - Epikstickman46

Khopesh - Thebluesheep

Bo Staff - Thebluesheep

Pencil- LuigiTheMurderer

Metal Beam-Thelegofan204

Bow and Arrow-iiBinaryClock


Wolverine's Claws-iiBinaryClock

Venom Knife (Psn Dmg 2 Per second.)(Takes energy to use.) ~Fireman776

Lethal venom jab (inject into zombie, kills instantly, very low ammo) -RebornEpik123


Pina Coladas -axeljohn10

Spoon - axeljohn10

Chair - axeljohn10

axeljohn10 (a wax version) - axeljohn10

Wolverine claws-RadioactiverRebel

Foil(the sword)-happyboyssd(TheEpicMCPro)

Butterfly knife- Can instant kill if stabbed in the back (Bluepizzaboy)

Piano Keyboard. Makes a different tune every single hit. - The Paint Bucket

Bolt Cutters - Placerebuilder fan

Fire sword - Manglytyg

Warhammer - BobDoge

Oxyclean (removes stains from all of the zombies clothes) - Billy Mays (not Reason2Doge definitely not that guy)

Vaccum Cleaner - Hungergamesiscool1/StreetRebuilder

Jesus's Cross - Hungergamesiscool/StreetRebuilder

Steel Pipe - Hypargoku/boku

Rebar - Thelegofan204

Map props - Redhoodroblox12345

Clorox Bleach - nodhsa11

ELO-90 - SenpaiChang

Kek-9 - Rush B

Gay K-47 - 9 year old mic spammer


SWAG-7 - Da Kush

Placerebuilder's ass - coolraichu100

Juan Deag - Everybody in Isreal

Karambit - Already added

Pocket Barrett - already added

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