Put up the name of a weapon (not secondary guns) and your roblox name next to it. For example: Fire-axe- 69juliuscoles69

If you're going to add a weapon here, make sure it actually exists. NOTE* Do NOT add weapons we already have, they will just be deleted. Also do NOT put false names, example: Banhammer - DarudeSandstorm 

Do NOT remove people's suggestions unless it's stupid or the weapon is already in R2D, and do not remove any ideas. That's for mods to do and the page creator (Seabiscuit254 III) to do. If it's inappropriate it will be removed. 

List of suggested melees:    

Gun Bash (When a gun runs out of ammo, you can hit zombies with it) - Volttexx    

Onion - Shrek    

Zombie's ripped arm - SlendySmile    

simple sword -Unknown776    

short sword - marioevans

long sword - marioevans

great sword - marioevans

Holy Sword - marioevans

Cricket Bat - PokemonNikolas    

Boxing gloves-autopilotmode    



Batorang - XBloodyTomX (short distance 360 weapon?)  

The Infinity Gauntlet - Alectfenrir123 Just appeared in my head :)  

Sickle - RexOrigin (Only one.)  

Scythe - RexOrigin (Either one HUGE one or two smaller ones.)  

Brass Knuckles - RexOrigin (Maybe work in MMA?)  

Hatchet - RexOrigin  

Shovel - SlendySmile 

Karambit Knife - chickendude141

Sledgehammer - UlteriorCurve

Baton - UlteriorCurve

Stun Baton - UlteriorCurve

Sabre - Ulteriorcurve

Hammer - UMadBroV2

Zombie wrecker - UMadBroV2

Tomahawk- LandOfCanada


Krovel - ToastyBoss

Sledgehammer Shotgun - ToastyBoss

Machete - Questriolu

Broken Bottle - Carlox7

Wooden bat with nails - scottybobo

Riot Shield with baton-AlexWillson

Frying pan-AlexWillson

Spear- LuigiTheMurderer

Butterfly Knife - Paint Bucket

Mace -Paint Bucket

Kunai Knife - Dark MC Kairo

Rubber Mallet - SpottedDuv

Dual-Ended Naginata - SpottedDuv

Morning Star - Peake900

Greatsword - Peake900

Ice sickle - Bluepizzaboy

Super Boots - Beta Meta Knight

He-Man's Sword - axeljon10

Boogie Board - axeljohn10

Buttersock - EpicKnightbuilderman

Claymore - Rokrio

Javelin - Rokrio

Bayonet - Rokrio

Broken Bottles, found around map, stuns and dmg 10 ~ Nastylightningboy

The Belt aka The Spanker ~ Nastylightningboy

TheStupidIdea - pokekid2011

Chakram - Rokrio

Tekko - Rokrio

Long Metal Pipe - Sevchaenkov

Bathysphere - TehGabeNewell

A Shard Of Glass - TehGabeNewell

Electric Upgrade [Attachment for some melees] [Allows you to add electricity to your melee, creating more damage and stun time.] - TehGabeNewell

Titanium Mace -Kestergiant8

Frozen fish (Gross,But slows down the zombies) -Kestergiant8

Fire Extinguisher - The Paint Bucket

Metal Foldable Chair - The Paint Bucket

Dirk - Rokrio

Trench Knife - Rokrio

Nails - Nastylightningboy

Merle Dixon's blade hand (TWD) - Voiceful

ballistic knife (COD) - Voiceful

Photon blade- Tanker21(tekitmaster)

poisonous knife - Tanker21(tekitmaster) (edited by Bluepizzaboy)

hunter claws- Tanker21(tekitmaster)

sizzling frying pan -Tanker21(tekitmaster)

Nightstick - Questriolu

Hidden blade-Voiceful



Boot spikes-Thelegofan204

Double Katanas (Does Double The Damage, Like The Chainsaw) - ItsMeJackNinjaKing

Wuuthrad-(Skyrim)-Voiceful Edit

Naginata - Dark MC Kairo

Flail - Bluesky051

Piano Keyboard - The Paint Bucket

A extremely thick roll of newspapers - The Paint Bucket

A large metal paint bucket (Custom colour available) - The Paint Bucket

Metal Truss - The Paint Bucket

Dictionary (Throwable) - The Paint Bucket

Brick (Throwable) - The Paint Bucket

Garden Scissors (Throwable) - The Paint Bucket

Pizza cutter - UMadBroV2

Hidden Blade - Bluepizzaboy

Tec 9 - Reacon8

RSASS - Reacon8

Parasol - Reacon8

Warpick - Reacon8

Terra blade - Epikstickman46

Ruler - Epikstickman46

Broom - Epikstickman46

Khopesh - Thebluesheep

Bo Staff - Thebluesheep

Pencil- LuigiTheMurderer

Metal Beam-Thelegofan204

Bow and Arrow-iiBinaryClock


Wolverine's Claws-iiBinaryClock

Venom Knife (Psn Dmg 2 Per second.)(Takes energy to use.) ~Fireman776

Lethal venom jab (inject into zombie, kills instantly, very low ammo) -RebornEpik123


Pina Coladas -axeljohn10

Spoon - axeljohn10

Chair - axeljohn10

axeljohn10 (a wax version) - axeljohn10

Wolverine claws-RadioactiverRebel

Foil(the sword)-happyboyssd(TheEpicMCPro)

Butterfly knife- Can instant kill if stabbed in the back (Bluepizzaboy)

Piano Keyboard. Makes a different tune every single hit. - The Paint Bucket

Bolt Cutters - Placerebuilder fan

Fire sword - Manglytyg

Warhammer - BobDoge

Oxyclean (removes stains from all of the zombies clothes) - Billy Mays (not Reason2Doge definitely not that guy)

Vaccum Cleaner - Hungergamesiscool1/StreetRebuilder

Jesus's Cross - Hungergamesiscool/StreetRebuilder

Steel Pipe - Hypargoku/boku

Rebar - Thelegofan204

Map props - Redhoodroblox12345

Clorox Bleach - nodhsa11

ELO-90 - SenpaiChang

Kek-9 - Rush B

Gay K-47 - 9 year old mic spammer


SWAG-7 - Da Kush

Placerebuilder's ass - coolraichu100

Juan Deag - Everybody in Isreal

Karambit - Already added

Pocket Barrett - already added

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