This is a page you can post your items you want in R2D3: Awakening. You won't find much complexity in the title here, but I'll start with a example. Also please put the stats of the item(example: Dorito bag(gives 2x energy bar for 10 seconds) - UMadBroV2

Venom Needle (from Batman injected by a needle, enlarges player, stats, and speed. reduced to melee. temporary, and can't walk through doors) -XBloodyTomX

Dorito bag(gives 2x energy bar for 10 seconds) - UMadBroV2

Whistle(lowers zombie damage by 30% in a 30 stud radius) - UMadBroV2

Clusternade (Damaged Differentiated ) -iiElizabethLimitedii

Self Defense Blade (Cuts smoker's tongues but is one use) - ToastyBoss

Sticky Grenades - Sticks to surfaces and explodes with default grenade time. - TehGabeNewell

Proximity Mines [Attachment that allows to stick or not] - A explosive that will explode within a certain radius - TehGabeNewell

Scatter Grenades - A explosive grenade which makes bullets and hits anything around it. - TehGabeNewell

Adrenaline - When injected gives you 18 speed for 5-10 seconds and 20 temporary points. -Huggiesjr

Brass Knuckles: gives more damage than the normal punching dmg

Frenzy attack : Use 100% energy. gives off a crazy speed of punching for 7 seconds.

Tear Gas: Blinds Enemies with a white mist on their screen for around 8 secs. 50 cash. ~ Nastylightningboy

Tiberium Grenade: Infects zombies with Tiberium which causes them to die and spreads to nearby zombies... but are harmful to survivors too! (Idea from the Command And Conquer Series) - Alectfenrir123

Tactical Nuke: Killstreak of 50 zombies required and you know the rest - Weegee

Sanic Soda:Increases your speed by 3 for 30 secs-Thelegofan204

Spiked Boots: Decreases your walkspeed by 2, But gives you INCREDIBLE kicking power, and it flings zombies instead of tripping!

Revamped Tank and renamed to "Brute" Will be a large zombie with a club, (smaller than Charged tank).

Evolve your zombies Starter-basic-Elite.

Needler (Zombie with needles (shot spikes at humans) -Kestergiant8

Starter weapons will be very different

Famas,RPG-7 and Flamethrower changed damage,reload,etc.

S.W.A.T Helmet, gives 40hp and reduces boomer attack damage. - The Paint Bucket

[Insert name here] A injection that reduces 50% infectivity on INF and Anti-Virus, does not cure virus. - The Paint Bucket

Sniper jacket Increases damage of snipers by 20 and gives 25 HP and 10% blast resistance - Bluepizzaboy

Throwing needles Throw at zombies 30 dmg, 8 in total can pick up if thrown on floor can buy 3 more at live store for $40, price: $32, Speed: 80 (cannot be used as melee :3) -ssjzssjz123

Radiator Grenade once planted on a surface it will take 5 seconds to set off, will take away 20-80 hp from zombies in stud radius and will start taking away 10 hp every 2 seconds (lasts for 15 seconds in total) stud radius 0-20, Price: $70 -ssjzssjz123

Riot Shield Three time use can absorb up to 120 dmg from zombie attacks or explosions (including boomers) Price: $90 -ssjzssjz123

Vaccine, uses a Vaccine on yourself it takes away your Virus bar in INF and heal 15 HP, it does NOT work in other modes, however when used it will make you open for attacks for Zombies to hit you, so use it at a good time. Price:$25 -iiElizabethLimitedii

Mtn Dew increases damage 10 and speed 10 price: $100 - Dark MC Kairo

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