Be sure to include things such as stats. Example:

MMA Zombie (Credits to DC2002): speed: Y, damage: Z, health: X- RobloxPlayerGuy Is Back

List of zombies you want. Edit

Deadgums (crawling muscular zombie without teeth, holds human and drains)- XBloodyTomX

lluminati zombi - FloydRoyz0116

Mindcontroller( is very small and can possess 1 survivor.) - cartman2

Screamer - VietnameseRooster

Undead Soldier - Chickendude141 (same with usable gun with a slight possibility of getting a FAMAS F1)-Dansytan13

Duck - アクセラレータ

Witch - Tixman555

Bloodspewer - Biliam

Moa - Dog Crap

Vampire - 14 speed, 5 damage, 40 health, lifesteal ability, can turn into cave bat by pressing "T" - weirdo1094

Lunatic fringe - adhika85

Riot Zombie(Shoot from the back and good balance zombie)-pokemontrainer1015

Loner(More people attack, does less damage)-DC2002

MMA Zombie(Zombie that has MMA skills)-DC2002

Wall Climber -SteamPunkGod aka FkBoy the Second

charged tank - theblazingobloxain21

Spitter - Chickendude141

Nyx - JoJiteHoHSiS

Flying zambie -SuperSexyBloodandBones

Volatile -33noobdovakin33

Demolisher -33noobdovakin33

Zamizake (Explodes upon death) -Zenden761158

Robot Zombie - Dark MC Kairo

Robot Tank - Dark MC Kairo

Endoskeleton - Dark MC Kairo

Charged Tank - SB

Sprinter - SB

Surprise invisible until being damaged/attacking - Spotted Duv

Viral - HyperBeaner

Air horner - Coolguyhot20

Hunter - bluepizzaboy

First Infected (you will get this zombie when you die as survivor and raise up as this) -Worrapeakun

The 'Kamikaze' zombie (unlike the C4 crawler, this is a special ability to a random zombie, but its every effective against campers)

The Zombified Sundance Kid - axeljohn10

Terminator - Nastylightningboy

Knight Zombie (A zombie with knightly armor, boosting his health and he carries a sword + Shield) - Beta Meta Knight

Anime like zombie- Instant death touch- 8 walkspeed, 20 health, one hit kill. Cannot Jump.

Fauhorokov - 30 walkspeed, 500 health, jumps x2 of hunter, does 3 damage per slash(slash every 5 seconds)

Charger- 19 walk speed,Takes half energy when ramming into survivor,3.5 second cool down,great Knock power, 125 credits

Zandere- (BASED OFF OF YANDERE) extra walking speed, wields knife that deals 3x damage of zombie. Only buy once, buy for 250 credits

Zombified Senpai-16 walk speed has katana,It doesn't Swing as fast as the surivior one has 250 and has sprint

Prop Zombie- Can Transform into Any sort of item in R2D. If touched, Prop zombie will explode and deal high damage to survivor who touches it, Hp is 10, Buy for 100, Kill Reward: 50, Uses energy to transform- LuigiTheMurderer

Jason Voorhees- Easter Egg Zombie, 1% chance of spawning when is tank, Weids Chainsaw and can move at fast speed, If chainsaw touches survivor, the survivor dies. The theme from Friday The 13th also plays when he spawns, Kill reward gives the survivor a chainsaw for free- LuigiTheMurderer

Frank Sinatra- Easter Egg Zombie From The First Game- LuigiTheMurderer

Spooky scary skeleton zombie- LuigiTheMurderer

barack Obama zombie (easter egg, no benefits) -davidwuhh

Iggy azalea zombie Damage:9000 HP:9000 Speed:9000 has the ability to make players die instantly by making the player look at it [Created by EpicKnightbuilderman]

Needler (Zombie shots spikes on his body) -Kestergiant8

your mom zombie - nastylightningboy

a deadly dark bat zombie - Batmonz

Zombie ape-Voiceful

Zombie dog-Voiceful


Charger (is very hot)- PlaceRebuilder

Armless-Attacks with legs,slow,trips randomly. HP=100,Speed=16,Damage=15 (Kicks)

The Most MLG Zambie Of All Time - ethanngo

Feaster = Health = 85, Speed = 25, Damage = 35. The feaster is a special infected which has a 8 - 10% spawn chance, they can run at survivors and only attack survivors if not provoked such as being shot before an attack. They hold down survivors and eat them dealing 35 damage per second but they are very vulnerable to other survivors if spotted attacking. - Racing Steel

Goon = Health = 365, Speed = 12, Damage = 30 (per hit). The goon is a special infected which has a 4.9 - 6% chance of spawning. They are equipped with a sledge hammer which has a three second reload timer and can be used to smash survivors and stun if they are in the estimated attack range. They are good for killing players stunned by leapers or finishing off highly damaged survivors. Kill reward is 85$ - Racing Steel

Child Zombie - Like the Jockey from L4D2, it can latch on to survivors and control them. It is small like a child, emits a whimpering noise when killed, and has a high-pitched voice. It is relatively weak, but makes up for it for it's jump ability and speed. - MechanicalDarkness *roblox name* / Setriex *Wikia name*

Undead Viking - Type: Assault. With an old and weak axe that does 40 damage per slice and uses 35 energy and a cooldown of 5 seconds per slash, with HP of 185, and a walk speed of 13. Apperance: A scandinavian viking with rusty armour.

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