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Dead Bridge - Hard, Extreme, $600-1,500, OBJ, PTK, ELI, SRV, Same ide like Brooklyn Bridge, -BaseRebuilder

Brooklyn Bridge - Hard, Extreme, $650-1,000, OBJ (Lower the bridge), PTK, ELI, Tank chance is raised to 15%, bridge is very long so that players can speed run the map, Radio used to contact helicopter. -NotTixman

Atrium - Normal, Hard, $350, OBJ, ELI, FFA, - Adrian0004

Metro - Extreme, $475, OBJ, PTK, - UlteriorCurve

Boathouse - ELI, PTK, SRV (With Boat Rescue after 5 minutes) - RexOrigin

Oilrig - Extreme, $480, OBJ, MMA, FFA, ELI, and PTK. - Bluepizzaboy

BasePlate - SRV,ELI,PTK,OBJ,FFA and MMA - EpicKnightbuilderman

TankPsycho - Extreme, $1000, SRV and ELI. (with Tank spawn chance of 80%) - ItsMeJackNinjaKing

Campfire chaos - SRV(easy-hard),ELI(easy-extreme),OBJ(easy-medium),FFA(Unknown[100-200$ due to alot of pros on FFA]),MMA(50-100$) - UMadBroV2

Subway- OBJ (hard-extreme), ARC (normal-hard), FFA (unknown, 100-200$)- iiElizabethLimitedii

Raid - Normal, $230, TDM, ELI, OBJ, TBA, -MasterWehttam

Nest of Reactor 4 - OBJ, WIP. Maz 7310 for Escape Vehicle. Based on Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

Uses my own mechanic idea to make the gameplay more immersive. Secondary OBJ for easier Main OBJ and more cash.

400 minimum reward. LINK: - BanneraSledgraHammera

Area51 - OBJ: Escape Vehicle is UFO, AE (Alien Elimination) - Special Feature: All zombies in alien form - LuigiTheMurderer

'Belkan Priority One Strategic Airspace B7R (Area B7R/ The Round Table)' - An Osean plane containing all the survivors crash landed in the desolate Area B7R. Survivors must fuel up a plane found there to escape.

Set in the Ace Combat World of Strangereal

Game Modes: SRV/ OBJ/ ELI/ BOSS Ranging from 100-400

BOSS will have Solo Wing Pixy trying to kill the survivors, the survivors must shoot down Pixy's aircraft to win! Reward will be a Tactical Laser System gun.


Game ModesEdit

Nuke/Doomed - NUKE/DOM - TBA

Complete multiple tasks before the nuke sets off, killing all players. - UlteriorCurve

Team Deathmatch - TDM - TBA

It's like FFA, but the players are divided into equal teams, that way it's more fair so people don't rage. - Beta Meta Knight

Team Mixed Martial Arts - TMMA - TBA

Just like TFFA, players divided into teams, leading to more fairness and less ragers. - ToastyBoss

Zombie Survival Mode - ZSR - TBA

Just like SRV, But The roles are reversed and the zombies are the humans and the humans are the zombies. - LuigiTheMurderer

Human Types:

Citizen - Punch Only - 100 hp - Common Class

Soldier - Welds M16 - 100 hp - Buy for $50 - Uncommon Class

Vest Citizen - Spawns with a vest - 100 hp - Buy for $10 - Common Class

Corporal - Welds AK - 47 - 150 hp - Buy for $100 - Rare Class

Lieutenant - (TBA)

Captain - (TBA)

Armed Citizen - (TBA)

General - (TBA)

Zombie Spawn Chance:

Normal Zombie (70%)

Smoker/Edgar (30%)

Hunter (20%)

Each Zombie has 5 Lives to make it fair

i removed tank, HAPPY?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Realism Mode - RM - TBA

Guns and Weapons do 20% less damage to zombies. All Melees use energy and melees already with energy use 15% more energy. Zombies have 15 walkspeed, but do 10 damage. Medical Cabinets have a chance to have 0-2 items. ( I have more features to write about ,but it would take up more space) -HuggiesJ


Wave Attack - WA - TBA

Survivors fend off 5 waves of the living dead. There is a time of about 5-10 minutes to complete the wave.

If the survivors don't complete it in the time, they lose.

Each wave increases with difficulty.

Wave 1: Normal Zombies + Crawler and Boomer

Wave 2: +Hunters and Cavebats

Wave 3: +Elementals

Wave 4: +Tanks

Wave 5: + C4 Crawlers

Idea by Nastylightningboy


Defend The Base - DTB - TBA

You are required to protect a base for a certain amount of time. The base has a certain amount of health and must be protected at all times. Mobs approach from four different sides, North, East, South, West. Once the base reaches 0 health all humans are instantly killed. The reward money at the end of the round depends on the health of the base.

Max Health: $600 3/4 Health: $400 Half Health: $200 1/4 Health: $100

Humans are unable to leave the base, so you must use guns. Ammo tables are provided of course.



Gun and Run - GR - TBA

Survivors are spawned on a bridge-like map and must run to a set of stone barriers in 10 seconds before a part of the bridge collapse. Zombies are then spawned and survivors must defend and stay inside the given area for 2 minutes. Then, they must run to the a set of cars in 10 seconds or else the bridge collapses. This repeats 3 times, and then survivors must run to the city at the end of the bridge before the whole entire bridge falls to the ocean. (This can be used as a prequel to BloxCoast because you spawn next to a fallen bridge.)

-HuggiesJr (Must be moved to map section, this is game mode section, please read next time)


Scavenge Mode - S - TBA

Survivors must find 22 gas cans and fill up the generator before the zombies kill them. Awarding on extreme mode.

This would go great with any maps with generators [CavedIn, DeadVacation, Possibly ThePort]



Zombie Free For All - ZFA

The same like FFA, but reversed. The zombies battle eachother and all zombies have 500 hp (tank doesn't have 1,000)

Tank rocks only do 50 damage to zombies.

Smoker tongues are disabled in ZFA.

Each zombie has 5 lives.



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