Glitched Zombies (add more if I missed any)

Zombie Description
Hunter Tank One of the most rarest species out there in R2D, it can destroy you easily with its powerful hands, and adding the extra damage from the Hunter, you have a insanely low chance of surviving if you get caught from it.
Crawler Tank Also a known rare species, it can run as quick as a human's sprinting, and sprinting doesn't last long, so you will have to engage in fighting if you get in touch with it!

Normal Rare/Common Glitches

Glitch Description
Elevator Zombie Glitch While zombies can't activate elevators, humans can! A survivor can lead zombies to an elevator, then quickly leave and close it, and a few seconds into time and the zombies will die! (It happens because zombies aren't supposed to be in elevators)
Physics Glitch Most common glitch in all of R2D, most people refer it to "pushing off someone", but it is simply ROBLOX physics since they updated the animations which can result in tripping for an unknown reason.

Back-Seat Losing Glitch

If you manage to survive long enough in Blackfield Station OBJ mode and get in the backseats of the escape vehicle, you may notice that when they make the seats disappear, you won't win. It's unknown why it happens, but maybe the creator will fix it.
Elevator Teleporting Glitch [InfiniteBread helped] When being a zombie and going into an elevator (chance of not getting killed), when you see the release button, instantly re-position, and boom, you have your own floating elevator!(Elevator can still work, even if it floats)
Hunter Pounce Floor Glitch One of the most common glitches in R2D, when a hunter comes and jumps infront of a person's torso while they walk, you will start eating them, but if you jump over them, somewhere the target can't reach to kill you with rambo knife, a red aura will appear near them, and you can start using this to your own advantage by keeping on clicking to kill them.
Glitch Template Add the description of a glitch that you've experienced or witnessed.
Glitch Template Add the description of a glitch that you've experienced or witnessed.
Glitch Template Add the description of a glitch that you've experienced or witnessed.

If you need to add more glitches, go into source mode and copy & paste the |- and then two | then hit enter so it goes down, valid enough to be considered into the template.


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