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Name Lay-By
Made by "Someone..." (ingame text)
Game Modes SRV.
Sequel to Blackfield Station
Added in V56 (3-26-15)

Map Setting and Description

This map was inspired by The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1. Where the family walks through this area.

Game Modes

Survival. (SRV for short)


First, you spawn at a Picnic Shed. The Objective is simply survive for 5 minutes, however, it won't be easy as the Crawler spawn rate has increased.


This map does not feature any Health Kits or Item Spawns.

This is the second smallest map ever in R2D History.

The Crawler spawn chance increased to 90%.

There are no invisible walls on the edges of this map.

This map only has 3 Ammo boxes.

This map is great for C4 Crawler and Elemental use.

Will be removed in R2DA due to the new high standards for maps.

The only map to change time during gameplay.

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