King Cake

The King Cake is a boss mob in R2D. King Cake has multiple attack abilities.

NOTE: He is not a playable character.


  • Health: Extreme
  • Speed: Normal


  • Spawn Cake Minions
  • Blastwave
  • Heatseeking missiles
  • Bomb dropping clouds


There was once a great kingdom called Cakeland. It's been written about in many tales and no one really thought it to be true. But tho the myth became legend, the Cake King survived. He now dwells in the chambers of his air palace, only to appear during special events. His flavour should not be taken as a sign of weakness, this cake is furious! For hundreds of years he has been conceled from the world, plotting his revenge. Now that he got his hands on missiles and a finite number of minions; his time has come. Assisted by his loyal bomb-dropping clouds, he will make one final attempt at reclaiming his lost world. Will you be able to stop him?

Disvantages and Advantages


  • Moves slowly (for his size)
  • Big target
  • Doesn't really use correct AI (like LordPumpkin)


  • Huge blastwave (80 studs radius)
  • Minions spawn (6 per spawn)
  • Heatseeking rockets (one per player)
  • Clouds dropping cakebombs (4 bombs per attack)


King Cake was the first Boss mob introduced in R2D
King Cake is only available during special events
King Cake was able to be knocked off the map by a van at one point
King Cake was able to be lured off the map by the pipebomb at one point(patched)
King Cake was able to "spawn kill" the survivors when they were going up the staircase if a pipebomb was thrown at the gate so the cake would appear right infront blocking the survivors and flinging them off (patched)

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