A Hunter

The Hunter is one of the Special Infected in the game. All Hunters appears to have a Black Hood. He can be purchased for 60$ and Kill Reward is 30$


  • Health: Normal
  • Speed: Slow (Ground)
  • Speed: Fast (Mid-air)


  • Scratch (LMB Click)
  • Rip Apart Survivor (Headland + LMB Click)


Hunters, as the name implies, they hunt their prey. All hunters doesn't seems to know how to walk like any other Zombie or Survivor, so they crawl, which unfortunately makes them easily vulnerable to gun bullets due to it's slow speed on ground. But when it jumps, it's jumps high, high enough to completely jump 30 Studs if done from a high weight to the ground. They can jump super high, which makes it difficult to shoot them in mid-air, giving them an advantage to get the chance and catch it's prey. If landed on it's prey successfuly, the hunter will start to rip apart the Survivor with a unbeliveable ammount of damage, killing him in seconds. Most survivors doesn't escapes alive if they are in a low pack of allies. The Hunters are considered the Hunting class of the game.

Disvantages and Advantages


  • Jumps consumes Energy
  • Slow on Ground


  • Fast on Air
  • Disarms Victim
  • High Damage


The Hunter seems to have Custom Animations
The Hunter can damage his victim from away due to a Glitch making it viable for killing Rambo Knife users
The Hunter can grab through walls if a survivor is close enough for their hit-box to collide
The Hunter used to move the same speed as a Boomer and jumped as high as the No Mercy Skyscraper from top to bottom
The Hunter is said to be broken but try to get close to a target or land near one then jump but do not jump again or else you will "let it go"
The Hunter is the most viable counter for most situations since the introduction of Rambo Knife, Minigun, Fire Vest, and Flak Vest.

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