RobloxScreenShot03012015 015450514
Name Holdout
Made by StreetBuilder
Game Modes Elimination(ELI), (Others TBD)
Sequel to Outskirts
Added in V56 (3-26-15)


Holdout is located between many different maps. Its located in between New Bloxcoast, and Blackfield Station on one direction, with Buried, Dead Vacation, and Portland in the other direction.

Game Modes

This map is pending game modes: Elimination, or ELI. Survival, or SRV. Advanced Survival, or ASV as a proposed game mode.

Advanced Survival

In this proposed game mode, the spawn rate of the different classes of zombies will be different, depending on time. As time goes on it will be increasingly difficult to survive as the natural rate of spawn increases for the special class of zombies while the standard zombie spawn rate will decrease. The natural spawn rate for tanks will be especially focused on. An example of the natural tank spawn rate goes as listed.

  • 1st Minute: Natural Spawn Rate (NSR) for Standard Zombies is 100%. All other zombie classes is 0%.
  • 2nd Minute: Standard Zombie (NSR) is 75%. Tank (NSR) is 5%. All other special classes is 20%.
  • 3rd Minute: Standard Zombie (NSR) is 50%. Tank (NSR) is 10%. All other zombie classes is 40% .
  • 4th Minute: Standard Zombie (NSR) is 30%. Tank (NSR) is 20%. All other zombie classes is 50%.
  • 5th Minute: Standard Zombie (NSR) is 10%. Tank (NSR) is 40%. All other zombie classes is 50%.
  • 6th Minute: Standard Zombie (NSR) is 0%. Tank (NSR) is 70%. All other zombie classes is 30%.
  • As 7:00 Hits, you win a hefty cash prize. Estimation of $1000.
  • (Proposed to have an extra minute where tank (NPR) would be 100%, but would have an even larger cash prize than listed.)
  • Remember: NSR stands for Natural Spawn Rate. It does not include specific class types (ex. tank buying)


This map has not yet been completed. With a lot of elements that could still change.

Means of Escape have yet to be determined.

The map references this wiki's contributors.

Rocket Escape is still proposed.

You might be able to get throwable tables because, of the throwable tables on the map on street's account.

The lawnmower in Krieg's office is a reference to MML.

It is an old version of the map.

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