A Survivor holding the Hammer

The Hammer is a Support Item. It can create Wood Planks that prevents Zombies and Survivors from going through.
Type of Item Support
Price 30$

"Barrikate yourself inside a house." -Ingame Text


The Hammer can be refilled on the Live Store four times with two planks each (Total of 15 planks since you start with 7 and can buy 8 more planks)
The Hammer's planks can be destroyed by Zombies and Survivors
The Hammer appears to be unable to barricade on some areas (Easily bypassed by clicking on other survivors or sentries)
The Hammer can place planks on other players bodies
The Hammer cannot be used to bash zombie brains sadly
The Hammer can be used to draw the simplest of objects, hold crates against a door, made into a ladder/platform, and block entrances for awhile
The Hammer is best used with weapons that can hit through it like chinalake or flamethrower but don't forget a weapon to destroy it just incase
The Hammer can be used for any situation but depends on your creativity
- Making Hammer Time A Reason To Use More By Yours Truly, WeeGee

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