Halloween Obby

In order to fight Lord Pumpkin himself, you must first traverse his treacherous obstacle course and retrieve the key at the end, or perhaps go off the beaten path and look for extra goodies?


The Halloween Obby features two objectives; beat the obby and reach the end first. The first person to jump into the hole (of which you ought not to jump into, according to the sign) will win the key. Thus unlocking the feature of starting a vote for the Lord Pumpkin map.

The second objective is to reach the chest at stage one of the obby. If reached, you will receive a Halloween Bomb event item. Yes, the Halloween Bomb is unlimited, and free.


  • Halloween Bomb
  • Key to Lord Pumpkin


The second objective obby is not visible in the obby map picture

"Obby" is an abbreviation term for obstacle course.

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