Name Halloween Event 2014

11-10-2014 - 01-11-2014

Special Items Halloween Vest, Halloween Bomb, Cake, Chests
Special Mobs Lord Pumpkin, Soul Fetcher, King Cake
Special Maps Lord Pumpkin, Halloween Obby


The Halloween Event was launched to celebrate, yes you guessed it, halloween. It contained a strong new boss mob known as Lord Pumpkin. If defeated, the winners can gain a special Halloween Vest that doesnt cost anything and can be used indefinitely. Another thing about this event is that it contains an obby part, thus introduced the new gamemode: OBBY. In the obby you can achive one of two goals: Unlock the "vote for Lord Pumpkin" or find the Halloween Bomb, which is a side obby part in stage one.


The Halloween Event 2014 released the first event vest (Halloween Vest)
King Cake and the "Cake" feature return from the 8 million visits event.

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