Suggested Gamemodes

  • JGG (Juggernaunt) - Survivors must work together to kill a single tank with godlike amount of health.
  • HRD (Hardcore) - Survivors must complete a map of any gamemode, but with zombies that has double damage and double health.
  • SIN (Special Infected) - Survirvors must complete a map of any gamemode, but with no common zombies, only special infected.
  • TDM (Team Deathmatch) - Survivors must kill the opposite team to claim their victory.
  • DEF (Defence) - Survivors must defend their current position while preventing the zombies from reaching their territory for a certain time.
  • REP (Repair) - Survivors must have to repair a certain object while preventing the zombies from fully destroying it.
  • DOM (Doomed) - Surviors have limited time to do multiple map tasks before the nuke sets off.
  • LST (Last Stand) - Three Survivors with tripled health must survive the whole server being zombie for a certain ammount of time.
  • SCT (Scout) - Survivors must find multiple objects around the map and successfuly fall back to their escape vehicle before time runs out.
  • ADR (Adrenaline) - Survivors are tired and must have to keep killing zombies in order to stay awoke for a certain ammount of time.
  • MUT (Mutation) - Survivors must fight back zombies that slowy becomes tougher on health per death on a SRV/OBJ map.

In-Game Gamemodes

  • SRV (Survival) - Survivors must stay alive for a certain amount of time.
  • OBJ (Objective) - Survivors must accomplish multiple tasks on the map before winning.
  • ELI (Elimination) - Survivors must slay one hundred zombies to win.
  • FFA (Free For All) - Survivors must fight other Survivors and be the last one alive.
  • INF (Infection) - Survivors must stay alive for a certain amount of time while preventing getting killed by the virus.
  • SBF (Snowball Fight) - Survivors have some fun throwing deadly snowballs at each self, last ones alive wins.
  • BOSS (Boss) - Survivors must teamwork and kill a evil enemy with huge health.
  • VRS (Virus) - Survivors must find all the cute antitodes and disinfect themselves before they become a zombie.
  • CTF (Capture The Flag) - Survivors must capture the Zombie's flag and deliver to their base while protecting their flag.
  • PTK (Protect The King) - Survivors must protect their king without letting him die at all costs for a certain ammount of time.

Upcoming Gamemodes

  • N/A

Removed/Canceled Gamemodes

  • TMM (The Mad Murderer) - Removed
  • ASC (Assassins Creed) - Canceled

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