Frequently Suggested Updates

"Smokers should be Nerfed!"

Smokers do not really need to be nerfed, you just need to know how to combat them. For one, it takes a moment for them to target you, so if you can kill them quickly, they won't do anything.

If a smoker does manage to grab you, there are a few ways to escape.

1. Have a teamate: Your teamate will kill the Smoker. They are weak, so it won't be too hard.

2. Fall: If you are in an area with ledges, when the smoker's line goes through a block, you are free. This is not entirely true though in some cases when you are in a higher elevation than the smoker.

3. Grenades: It's a bit of a waste, and it most likely kill you, but sometimes you can chuck a grenade after you've been grabbed. Good way to kill a horde around you and cover the costs if you bought the grenade. This will sometimes deny them the kill just for the extra satisfaction if you really hate smokers.

"Hunters do way too much Damage!"

Hunters do a lot of damage, but only after they manage to "Pin" you. If you have played as a hunter, you know how hard it is to master this move. It also takes a minute for the hunters to charge their power, and they are slow on the ground, and can be shot midair.

As with smokers, a teamate can save you from a Hunter, but your teamate will need to be fast. It is possible to temporarily disable a hunter by punishing his failure to grab by hitting him with a melee attack.

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