Frequently asked questions.

"Can I become an admin?"

Becoming an admin is a nonexistent possibility. Only PlaceRebuilder and Jopede are Admins.

"Can I create VIPs for this game?"

Nopeti-nop nope.

"I bought something and I don't have it. Why?"

Make sure you have them equipped. All of your purchases are located on your Inventory. Unsuccessful purchases does not take effect, so don't worry.

"How do I spawn Vans?

It's on the LIVE Store. It's located on your bottom left-corner of your screen, when you are a Survivor.

"How do I become a Mod"?

Being responsible, mature, not hot-tempered, trustworthy, and principally: known.

"How do I Open Doors and Refill Ammo?"

Press the F Key while facing a door to open/close it, and with a gun, Shift Key near a Ammo Table to refll your ammo.

"I lost my stats, what do I do?"

Losing your stats and items is not frequent and is not very likely, but in the case of it happening, it is good to have a picture of your old stats as proof. Send a request for a stats fix to PlaceRebuilder Admin or Head-Moderator. Attempting to abuse will result in complete stat wipe and/or ban.

"The Votekicks Keeps Failing. Is this a Glitch?"

Votekicks only fails if there's more No's than Yes'. Also there must be at least 6 Yes' for Votekick Success.

"How do I Votekick?"

First, open the Leaderboard (Capslock Key). Then, you click any username and a option will show on the left "Votekick". Click it.

"How do I Vote for a Map?"

Open the Leaderboard (Capslock Key), and click the text "Maps" above the Leaderboard. Easy, right?

"Help! There's a Hacker on the Server!"

Modcall a R2D Staff member by creating a comment on the R2D group wall. Don't votekick the Hacker, unless no mods show up. Kicking a hacker won't stop the problem since there's plenty other servers to be hacked. If you want to make sure the hacker is punished, take a video and send it to PlaceRebuilder, Admin or Head-Moderator.

"Where's the Mod Form on this Wikia?"

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