Minievent 1

Name 8,000,000 Visits Mini Event (Event M8)

17-08-2014 - 05-09-2014

Special Items FW8M Firework , Cake , Chests
Special Mobs King Cake


The M8-Event or the 8 Million Visits event, was an event created by PlaceRebuilder to celebrate the reached visit count of 8,000,000 visits. The update was abit late so the game had reached approx 8.4 million visits before the event aired. The new boss: King Cake was added first at 8,700,000 visits. The M8 Event was first thought to test the event slot that got added in v29, but later on developed into a full-scale event.

End of Event Tribute

R2D FansTribute00:16

R2D FansTribute


The M8 Event was the first offical event in R2D
The M8 Event was originally made to try out the new Event itemslot

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