The Elemental is one of the Special Infecteds. It can transform into a fire-form or an ice-form. He can be purchased for 145$ and the Kill Reward is 30$


  • Health: Normal
  • Speed: Normal


  • Fire/Ice Spit (LMB Click)
  • Fire/Ice Drop (F Key)
  • Fire/Ice Scratch (Humanoid Touch)
  • Transform (E Key)


The Elemental is a beast that has two different forms: one being an ice-form, and the other being a fire-form. While in ice-form, your primary ability is to freeze players for a long time, hence making players very vulnerable to zombies, such as the hunter, cavebat, and tank. Ice-form elementals can also be used to effectively to fling players off the map by doing an ice drop. While in fire-form, your primary ability is to deal damage, although not being able to freeze players, you can deal a heck load of damage to unsuspecting survivors by shooting fire spit at them, and better yet, with a well placed fire drop, you can get around 5 kills... that's if the survivors aren't wearing fireproof vests. You can also do devastating combos by freezing a player, then transforming into fire-form to constantly burn the frozen player until death. Overall, this zombie is a beast, do not mess around with one...

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Difficult to hit survivors with abilities
  • Light reveals where you are if around a corner or nearby
  • When in ice-form, you can't deal damage to survivors
  • When in fire-form, you are useless against fire-proof vests
  • When in ice-form, you are useless against ice-proof vests
  • The stamina consumption is very high and regens slowly so constant spamming is not possible


  • When in ice-form, you can freeze survivors for a long time making them vulnerable to nearby zombies
  • When in fire-form, you can deal a lot of damage that continue burning them
  • Freezing a player in ice-form, and then transforming into fire-form to burn the player is a good combo
  • Near transparent body and bright light makes you harder to see if moving around
  • Anti-camp with a well placed fire drop and you can camp around it and spam another firedrop
  • Ice drop can fling survivors
  • Long range spits


Elemental is the first Special Infected that can transform into another form
The Elemental has the most disadvantages and advantages than any other zombie
The elemental replaced the firebreather
When the elemental was first introduced in v45 it could take dmg from any fire but was fixed in v50
You can apply fire/ice to a survivor by simply touching them to conserve energy
The projectiles take time to travel and move in a straight line so it takes time to get used to it

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