Edgar the Smoker
Turly Edgar
Edgar The Smoker is a special type of Smoker. He spawns 8% out of all smoker-spawns. His health, speed and appearance differs from a normal smoker.


  • Health: 300 HP + Vests (50% chance, ONLY estetic)
  • Speed: 24 Studs/s


  • Green Tongue Grab (LMB Click, double the drag speed)
  • Scratch (Humanoid Touch)


Edgar is a normal smoker except with boosted abilities. You can't buy him nor upgrade a normal smoker. He simply spawns 8% of the time when you spawn a smoker.


Edgar the Smoker was added in v51b
This zombie uses one of the roblox winter games R2D hat
Apparently Edgar is a Magician according to Place's Decals
Edgar is Rage-Inducing due the Powerful Tongue and Damage

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