All my GIFs and shit here. (lol who the fuck put 'ALL' as a link?)

All the GIFs are jokes and should not be taken seriously.

This page was made originally by 33noobdovakin33 in April 11 2015 k thx.

any editing without permission,this include adding categories

r considered as vandalizing da page in here 4 nao k thx.

GIF are rarely to be made right now, I'll make one when I had time.

New of da day: -

Planned next gif: -


1.Wot u use 2 map gif LOL

I use photo-shop CS5

2.umg I putted my name on ur comment for like months,u still hadn't add me

Well, to be rly honest

I make gif when ever I want

I put anyone in whenever I want

and I will put you guys when I have no one to put in my gif left

3.I wanted 2 be in ur gif,but I got in ur pic page instead

gif is a pain and you know it.

GIF Page

Picture page

you can post your own down in the comment.

Leave a like in the comment if you like the GIFs.

Feel free to use them on any situation you like!

CREDIT! CREDIT! Without dem Ima put watermark by myself.

currently I am running out of idea which gif I should edit post idea in the comment below and you might have a chance to be in my GIF that you suggested to me.

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